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Lim Mei Lan

Meilan is currently a HR practitioner in the financial services sector.  Prior to that, she was with a chinese tech unicorn where she supported the APAC region.


In total, Meilan has gathered close to 8 years of HR shared services/business partnering experience across the technology industry working with multinational companies like Oracle, SAP as well as a government statutory body.


Meilan is someone who operates more on passion than expectations, having taken a career out of her academic discipline. Way before entering the world of HR, she had started out as an external auditor with PwC.


Meilan volunteers as a Youth Career Network guide with NTUC and has obtained career development facilitator certification from NCDA. She sincerely believes that “learn-it-all” curiosity rather than “know-it-all” mentality is the way forward for the future of career development.

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