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Benjamin Aw

Benjamin Aw is a visionary leader who desires to see the positive change in people and envisions to inspire people to achieve their maximum potential.

With a passion in people development, Benjamin has dedicated his life to the growth and development of people. Besides doing training and development of people in the workplace, he constantly volunteers to mentor or coach youths in either career or leadership in their respective lifes with the aim to empower them to make informed decisions as well as to chart a future for themselves.

Having completed several marathons, including several 42.195km marathons, he has developed the mental capacity to work effectively and a drive to finish well.

Benjamin was involved with many different leadership positions in the past, and hence grown to be an fluent public speaker as well as leader and team player. In all that he does, he aims to provide quality service and create knowledge/processes to imbue greatness to others.

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