It is my honour to pen the first ever President's message for the Career Development Association of Singapore (CDAS).


When I started the journey to teach career practitioners in 2014, little did I know that I would be embarking on a journey to building a whole new generation of career practitioners in Singapore. 


From the seeds of the first Job and Career Transition Coach workshop to the many runs of the Advanced Certificate for Career Development Facilitation courses thereafter, I had unwittingly installed the foundations of professionalism in all the trainees who had received instructions in career development.


By the third quarter of 2016, suggestions and talk of an Association started amongst quite a few practitioners. This discussion came to a head at the December 2016 Community of Practice organised by the Workforce Singapore,  where I  proposed to all present that it was time to start an Association that would represent the voice of career practitioners in Singapore. A group of 6 subsequently volunteered and stepped forward to form the working committee with the aim of possibly establishing the Association within 12 to 18 months. 


To cut the long story short, by the beginning of 2018, we had a team of founding members who had committed to setting up the Association with the following aims:


  1. To promote the professional development and status of career development practitioners in Singapore. 

  2. To serve as a common platform for all career development practitioners to foster professionalism and professional education and increase professional identity of practitioners.

  3. To be the voice of career practitioners in Singapore and to represent the interests of practitioners from any setting.

  4. To provide a body of research knowledge with regards to career development.

  5. To become the representative association for career practitioners in Singapore.

  6. To be affiliated to international organisations in career development.


At this starting point of the journey, I am filled with much thankfulness and great appreciation for members of the Founding Council who have worked tirelessly to make this dream a reality. 


To our members, the journey starts now. This Association belongs to you. It represents your professional voice, hopes and ideals. Let's put our hands together as a collective to fulfill the potential of what we have set out to do.  


Welcome to our future!


Dr Timothy Hsi

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